Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aviation News In The Real World

I read an interesting article recently in the New York Daily News yesterday. It seems that someone has come up with the bright idea of creating a "pets only" airline.

On Pet Airways, your pampered pal has his or her own crate plus a climate-controlled cabin and a variety of free treats. It seems like the customer service is a cut above that of some airlines catering to humans.

Pet Airways is the brain-child of CEO Dan Wiesel, of Delaney, Florida. It seems that Mr. Wiesel didn't appreciate the stress level his pet terrier was forced to endure while stuffed in a cargo hold during a cross-country flight.

The airline grew from one Beech 1900 flying once a week from Farmingdale, Long Island to such destinations as Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, and L.A.

Although the airline currently caters to dogs and cats, it expects to upgrade to exotic types of animals in the future.

The Pet Airways hub is located at Republic Airport on Long Island. For more information, check out their website here

The original article was written by Zac Failla and Dave Goldiner for the New York Daily News.

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